Thursday, September 18, 2014

Algebra I ISN part 1

Here are some pages from my Algebra I ISN. If you've been following my blog, then you know the set-ups. If not, refer to my ISN set-ups post. Each activity takes up the left and right side of the page. Left side is an activity and right side is the notes for the topic. 
Here's my TOC so far. My students have the exact same TOC as me. I tell them what to put in there each day as part of their bell ringer.
Our first topic was Order of Operations. The activity was just some examples from the board that they wrote down, so I didn't include that.
Here's what we did for Algebraic Expressions. The kids liked the idea of the graphic organizer and I think it helped them learn the terms a lot better because they could visualize its meaning when they translated.
These are the two activities we did to go along with translating verbal phrases into algebraic expressions. The puzzle is glued onto the actual page and the matching is taped on top of it so it can be opened up to reveal the puzzle underneath (like a book).
Since we already talked about Order of Operations, we did a quick lesson on what to do with substituting and evaluating expressions. Here's the activity (just a worksheet):
Here's the foldable and activity we did for properties of numbers. 

Properties of numbers took 2 days, so I did notes a little differently with these 4. 
Here's the notes for simplifying expressions. We go over the key terms on the first page and then the steps to simplifying on the inside. Same with the activities.
We did just a quick review of opposites and absolute value with Frayer Model definitions.

Here's the foldable for the rules of integers. Oh, integers...I'm not sure why they're so difficult for kids to do without a calculator.
Their activity for this was actually a 70 question assignment that they ended up just putting in their notebooks.
Here's the real number system. We did Frayer Model vocab for each term. Then we did a graphic organizer so they can see how the relate to each other. I think the graphic organizer really helps them see the relationships between the sets so they can classify them.

So here's my notebook so far. This is a compilation of things I've found on Pinterest, things I've been given, and things I've come up with on my own. Feel free to take whatever you want and use them in your own classes. I'll continue to add more throughout the year.


  1. Love it!! Do you have the files of the notes? Are you willing to share? Did you post other units? I am hoping to implement interactive notebooks with my algebra 1 class this year! Thanks!!

    1. Thank you! I'm still trying to figure out how to share on my blog, but as soon as I do I will post what I have.

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  3. Do you have a file with your printed content? I love your ideas!!! I would like to prepare everything this summer for the fall.