Thursday, July 16, 2015

Preparing for 2015-2016

LOTS of crazy things have happened so far in 2015, which is why I've been lacking in the blogging area. I got married, my husband got a new job, I had to get a new job, we're moving 5 hours away...WHEW I'm tired.

Now that I've had some time to relax and regain my sanity, I've started working on some back to school things. I'm starting at a new school. This school is WAYYYYYYYYYYY smaller than my last school. I'm going from having around 100 kids per day to having around 40. That. Is. Crazy.

I'm going to an area where no one has heard of Sarah Hall and  no one knows how I do things in my classroom. On Pinterest I've seen several different examples of using memes in your classroom to reach kids, which I think is awesome! Kids LOVE memes, and kids remember more when you connect things to stuff they love. To introduce myself, my rules, and my policies I decided this year to make a PowerPoint that talks about each of these things and has some funny memes I found on the internet. Here's an example of one of the slides.


I showed this to my husband and he thought it was hilarious, so hopefully my new students like it and find it as funny as we do. I'll post some more things of my new adventure coming up. Hope this inspires you!
Want to view the PowerPoint? Follow this link! Feel free to make a copy and edit for your own use.


  1. Thanks for adding that was GREAT!! Those pics/memes were hilarious!!

    1. Thank you! Funny thing happened...we moved and my computer had some issues and I completely forgot about this. So I didn't even get to use it. Bummer!