Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Grading Organization

I get asked all the time how I organize my papers that come in and out to grade. I've done a number of things over the years, but this is probably my favorite system ever now.

Over the summer I hosted a Thirty-One bag party and got all kinds of cool stuff from it. One of the things I got was a Fold-N-File. I absolutely love this thing. I think I'm more organized than I was before because of this system.

Here's what it looks like in general (taken from the Thirty-One Catalog):
Super cute, right? I chose the Black Twill Stripe because it fit my classroom theme. I set it on my desk so it's easily accessible.

On the front I attached a calendar. I found this at the Dollar Tree around back-to-school time. I just hooked it around the opening with a binder ring.

Inside the Fold-N-File, I have a different hanging folder for each class that I teach.
 In each hanging folder is two folders for each class: an "In" and "Out" folder. I put work that needs to be graded in the "In" folder and then put it in the "Out" folder as a I grade it.

When I'm ready to hand back papers, I just grab the "Out" folder for that class and start passing out. It's really easy and works well for me. This is also nice to have because it fits nicely in most of the Thirty-One organizing totes so you can just grab the whole thing and take it home if you need to.

I love this. If you've always been trying to find a way to handle the paper clutter, this is definitely something to invest in. It will save from the piles of papers spread out everywhere.

Happy teaching!


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